How to Get Cooking Smoke Out of Apartment

Get Rid of Cooking Smells in Small Apartment

Getting rid of cooking smells in a small apartment are an important part of making your apartment more comfortable. Living in an apartment can mean that when you cook, the smell and cooking smoke gets everywhere. How to get cooking smoke and smells out of an apartment? We have some great tips on how to get rid of cooking smells and cooking smoke out of an apartment!

1. Close bedroom and closet doors while cooking.

Fabric readily absorbs grease and odors, and can’t be cleaned with a quick wipe-down the way hard surfaces can. Closing bedroom and closet doors before cooking anything smelly or greasy ensures that you won’t have to fall asleep in a bed that smells like bacon. But if that does happen you could use a linen spray to freshen them up.

2. Ventilate however you can.

The best way to avoid odors is to get them outside or otherwise out of the air as quickly as possible. If you have a ventilator over your stove, you should use it. Otherwise, an air conditioner or air filter can remove greasy cooking smells from the air. (Remember to change filters regularly.) Even just opening a window helps, especially if you can set up a fan pointing out the window, to push odors outside.

3. Clean up immediately.

Wipe up splatters on the stove and countertop, and wash all greasy cooking pans as soon as possible. There’s nothing worse than waking up to a pan full of stinky oil sitting on the stove.

4. Simmer your favorite spices.

Pleasant-smelling whole spices like cinnamon sticks, cloves and citrus peels can be simmered in some water for 10 minutes on the stove for an all-natural air freshener that masks any lingering cooking odors. This will generally do the trick without adding another scent to the air.

5. Leave a bowl of vinegar, baking soda or coffee grounds on the counter overnight.

To absorb stubborn odors, leave a small bowl on the counter filled with white vinegar, baking soda or coffee grounds before you go to bed. You could also keep vanilla-soaked cotton swabs around your kitchen. Any of these will naturally dissipate any remaining cooking smells by morning.

6. Light your favourite scented candles after you are done cooking.

After you are done with your cooking, you can burn a scented candle or two in the kitchen. These candles are readily available in stores, and you can choose fragrances which are soothing to you as well. Over time, you will be able to overwhelm the cooking smells from your kitchen with the pleasant fragrance of scented candles, which will help you to relax as well.

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